Aylus Networks Launches Interconnected Mobile Video Calling at GSMA Mobile World Congress

Visit meeting room 4.6HS07 in Hall 4 to see how to deliver mobile video calling that works for everyone – between video calling clients, over multiple networks

February 29, 2012 – Barcelona, Spain – Aylus Networks™, provider of infrastructure for enabling live mobile video services, announced today that they will launch their interconnected mobile video calling at the GSMA Mobile World Congress show. Aylus will demonstrate at the show the Aylus Video Platform™, which will serve as an interconnect gateway to enable service providers to make mobile video calling work seamlessly across different services – including OTT offerings – and across multiple networks. Stop by the Aylus meeting room in Hall 4 – room 4.6HS07 – to see a demonstration.

“The mobile video communication landscape today is predominately served by over-the-top (OTT) services and communities of subscribers. Over the course of the next year, many tier-1 carriers will release network-based video calling based on the VoLTE and IR94 specifications. This will result in a more complex world of video calling and a multitude of video clients on a wide range of devices that are unable to place video calls to each other. If we want to drive mass-market adoption of new mobile video services, this needs to change,” said Mark Edwards, CEO of Aylus Networks. “With the Aylus Video Platform handling the inter-exchange among the different video calling services and networks, operators and service providers can offer video calling services that are not constrained to particular groups of friends or family members who happen to be on the same network or using the same video calling client on their devices.”

The Aylus Video Platform is unique in its ability to serve as the inter-exchange mechanism for video communications among different networks – wireless (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) and wireline/Web – while ensuring that the signaling and video are converted for the different services and CODECs at each end. The platform also ensures that video usage is tracked and can be billed correctly, and that policies for video routing and usage can be enforced. Aylus makes it possible to offer video calling services that work for anyone and everyone.

“With Aylus handling the inter-connect functions, video calling and other video communication services can become an integral part of the voice calling session. Subscribers can use their contact list or dialing function to start a voice call with anyone they choose, electing to upgrade the call to include live video,” Edwards added. “Only by making video calling as intuitive and simple to use as voice calling will we be able to drive mobile video calling into the mass market—benefiting the service providers, OTT vendors, consumers and enterprises using the services.”

About Aylus Networks, Inc.

Aylus Networks, Inc. helps mobile operators and communications service providers deliver live video services for consumers and enterprises. Solutions from Aylus range from live video sharing, including social networks and RCS/RCSe devices, to multi-party video calling on mobile networks. Aylus’ innovative, IP-based core infrastructure platform is unique in its ability to serve as a video calling inter-exchange, enabling service providers to optimize video communications among different networks (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) regardless of the endpoints, build new revenue streams through QoS/QoE, and drive mass-market adoption of mobile video services based on existing voice calling offerings. For more information visit www.aylus.com.

Aylus Networks Media Contact:

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