Aylus Networks Launches Video Calling Offering at GSMA Mobile World Congress Show

Enables Mobile Operators and OTT Service Providers to Take Advantage of the Market Opportunity from a Projected 150 Billion Minutes of Video Calling Per Year within 5 Years

February 17, 2011 — Westford, MA and Barcelona, Spain - Aylus Networks™, the leading enabler of rich communication services utilizing video, announced today the Aylus Video Calling offering, which enables mobile operators and OTT service providers to offer video calling as an extension of voice calls. Today, more and more smartphones and other mobile devices come with front-facing cameras designed to enable video chatting or calling. However, video calling services are still limited to calls between particular devices and communities of interest on certain networks and they offer no quality of service or user experience guarantees, issues that are limiting video calling uptake. Aylus Video Calling is changing all of that.

“We estimate that within five years 15% of all mobile voice calls will add video to their calls, representing over 150 billion minutes of video calling per year,” said Mark Edwards, CEO of Aylus Networks. “As total revenues for the mobile industry surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2011, with $750 billion in voice calling, this is a huge revenue opportunity for the industry. Voice revenues are under pressure and declining due to competition and regulation. The industry needs to innovate and enrich communication sessions by adding new value-added services such as video calling, multi-way video calling, fixed-to-mobile video calling, video voice mail, and by connecting diverse communities of interest across different networks.”

Aylus Video Calling enables users to start with a voice (circuit-switched or VoIP) call—between any two video-capable mobile devices, regardless of manufacturer or model—and transform that call into a two-way video session. Premium video calling capabilities enable video calls between multiple parties, from one social networking community to another, and to devices that may not be running the same video calling client or application. The Aylus Media Platform ensures that video conversations are optimized and enhanced based on both the network traffic at any given moment and the devices involved in the session. Furthermore, traditional supplementary voice services work as before. This delivers a much more integrated user experience than other video calling offerings, which require you to launch an application and require the receiving party to have the same application installed and running.

Aylus Networks provides the only integrated media platform that enables rich communications, service interconnect, RAN optimization & QoE management. Aylus provides a real-time advanced media switch and processing platform that enables service providers and OTT providers to enhance, deliver and monetize communication sessions. Aylus provides seamless continuity for communications between the voice and data network. This allows them to add video, drop video and revert back to the voice network while seamlessly supporting all existing supplementary services for voice, and to add premium video calling services. Aylus can connect calls across different communities of interest on the same network and on different networks.

“Aylus Video Calling builds on the operators’ existing reliable, secure, functional voice calling infrastructure (circuit-switched or VoIP) that people know and understand how to use,” Edwards added. “As mobile services continue to evolve from offline/fixed networks to real-time/mobile networks, Aylus Video Calling enables mobile operators to capture new revenues from carrier-branded video service offerings while optimizing network bandwidth utilization. It also helps OTT service providers to monetize their services with premium offerings and deliver managed, stable and secure services that can scale for enterprise customers.”

About Aylus Networks, Inc.

Aylus Networks, Inc. helps mobile operators and over-the-top (OTT) service providers transform their business models so that they can take back control of their networks and find new and innovative ways of monetizing the broadband mobile Internet. Aylus’ unique, innovative, core infrastructure technology provides a competitive edge for mobile video and multimedia communication service offerings. As video overtakes voice & data on mobile networks, products from Aylus Networks help mobile operators and service providers increase revenues and grow ARPU with new media services, while also enabling them to proactively manage the quality of the multimedia services they deliver. With Aylus, video and other rich media can become an integral part of the voice call or communication session. Aylus helps OTT providers extend their offerings with Premium services that help monetize their business.

Aylus Networks is a private company that is backed by tier-1 venture capitalists Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. Aylus’ founder, Shamim Naqvi, has been a pioneer in computing and communications systems; his early work in VoIP, softswitch technology and cellular push-to-talk solutions helped create the mobile communications market we have today. For more information visit www.aylus.com or call 978-392-4730.