Supporting the widest possible range of video services and video connectivity.

The Aylus Video Platform does it all. Already taken on by AT&T Wireless, our fully developed, proven, carrier-grade platform will help you make the most of new video services, maximizing your revenue generating potential and market share.

Within any IP/SIP network, the Aylus Video Platform integrates seamlessly with voice calls, giving your customers universal address book connectivity - something the ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) video service providers just can’t offer. Video with voice is a fast, cost effective platform to deploy, increasing the probability of service success considerably. The Aylus Platform gives your customers more connected calls, including off-net and to OTT services, and the best service experience around, meaning more revenue, and better customer retention.


Our thoroughly proven, carrier-grade video platform really can help you maximize your revenue stream, and your market share too.

The Aylus Video Platform comes fully developed with over 100 man years of development effort and when coupled together with your network and existing communications infrastructure, you’re onto a surefire winner.

It’s an efficient, flexible and effective platform to deploy, it couldn’t be easier to integrate with your products and networkor can be used from a cloud deployment. Our platform integrates seamlessly with circuit switched voice and VoIP infrastructure and IP/ISP networks, no matter how small or large, increasing the probability of service success.

The simplicity with which you can add new capabilities through APIs, means just one platform from Aylus can take care of all your video requirements.


Help your customers get the most from the services you offer, while maximizing your revenue generating potential and market share in the process.

It’s so flexible, cost-effective and efficient, that integration within your entire range of services couldn’t be easier. Our platform works seamlessly with other applications and results in greater business productivity and customer satisfaction. Just one platform from Aylus can take care of all your video requirements. It supports the widest range of services possible, enables you to redesign business process to be more streamlined and productive.