Aylus Networks Launches Media Switch Product Family to Manage and Monetize Rapidly Expanding Volume of Video and Data Traffic on Mobile Networks

03/23/2010 — Las Vegas, NV - Aylus Networks, Inc., a leading manufacturer of products for the management of mobile broadband data, announced their Media Switch product family at the CTIA Show today. The product is designed to help mobile operators better handle the explosion in demand for mobile bandwidth on their networks coming primarily from video and iPhone/smartphone apps. It is available in two hardware configurations, the MSX1200 stackable server and the configurable MSX8200 chassis with capacity for multiple server blades. Aylus Networks is the only vendor that provides a vertically integrated, full suite of infrastructure solutions including hardware, software, service enabling interfaces, and applications to support advanced mobile services.

“Our offerings are built from the ground up to support mobile video services and allow the carrier to not only efficiently cope with the current tidal wave of data but to monetize this data as well,” said Shamim Naqvi, CEO, Aylus Networks. “Aylus facilitates the smooth transition from a voice-based to a data-based mobile economy, and the rapid deployment of revenue-producing broadband services.”

Content servers do not have the capability to resize video in real-time. Aylus Networks’ intelligent mobile network streaming products understands both internet and mobile device protocols, and adapts video streams in real-time to perfectly fit the receiving mobile device. This saves both network bandwidth and battery life of the handheld. The Aylus solution provides network optimization and transcoding, session management, and application interfaces for social media and advanced video services.

“It is estimated that video will make up for 66% of traffic on mobile networks by 2014,” said Ronald Gruia, Principal Telecom Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “Wireless operators are facing exponential growth in data traffic but only logarithmic growth in data revenues. The Aylus Networks solution enables them to better monetize mobile data by adding a new revenue stream from rich communications-based applications.”

Aylus’ Media Switch family implements a Media Resource Function (MRF) and provides control plane intelligence to and from the network core, transcoding and resizing video and rich media for delivery to the handset. The Media Switch family provides the following key functions:

  • Mobile Rich Media session management
  • Intelligent video and audio transcoding for bandwidth optimization
  • Adaptive network congestion management

Components of the Media Switch family include the Media Switch data processor, the QoE Session Manager, and the Portal & Content Server. Aylus Networks solves the bandwidth problems in the most congested portion of the network, the radio access network (RAN), reducing video bandwidth up to 85% by delivering only the portions of the video in optimal format, that can be processed by the handheld device while maintaining the same end user Quality of Experience (QoE).

The drastic bandwidth reductions enabled by the Aylus Networks Media Switch mean that mobile operators can now support more customers while saving on costly network build-outs. A higher QoE and a broader selection of applications and services reduces mobile operators’ customer churn and provides the tools necessary to increase ARPU, encourage upsell to smartphone devices and extended data plans, and to build subscriber loyalty through enhanced services.

For More Information about the Media Switch family:

Mobile Media Streaming Solutions: Enabling the Mobile Video Revolution

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About Aylus Networks, Inc.

Aylus Networks, Inc. is a private, venture-backed company headquartered in Westford, MA, with additional R&D and sales centers worldwide. Aylus was founded in 2005 by Shamim Naqvi, a pioneer in computing and communications systems, whose early work on VoIP, Softswitch technology and Cellular Push-to-Talk solutions helped create the mobile communications market we have today. Products from Aylus Networks enable new broadband services for video sharing and other types of rich media. For more information, visit www.aylus.com or call 978-392-4730.


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