Share live video free from your mobile with Aylus VideoCast.

Stream Live Video to Friends, Family and Business

Aylus VideoCast Overview

Now you can broadcast video to everyone you know in an instant - no uploading, no software conflicts, and no device compatibility issues! iOS and Android devices are supported for both streaming and viewing. Broadcasting can be to as few as one other person, to all your friends on Facebook, or to an even larger audience. You and your friends can access any previous broadcast.

People are using Aylus technology to share experiences with friends and family. Enterprise customers are using Aylus technology to improve their business efficiency. Examples include:

- Sharing unique vacation and site-seeing experiences with friends
- Sharing birthdays and other personal events with family
- News agency reporters streaming live video of breaking news from their mobile devices
- Field technicians using live video to resolve maintenance tasks
- Insurance adjusters evaluating damage and preparing estimates in real time
- Law enforcement and security firms coordinating more effectively during emergencies
- Contractors getting job site issues resolved immediately
- Realtors giving live virtual tours to remote customers
- Retail personnel and suppliers managing store displays and traffic

Get Aylus VideoCast and Start Streaming!

Aylus VideoCast is available for iOS devices version 5.0 and above and Android™ devices running Gingerbread and ICS.

Aylus VideoCast FAQ

Q: What resolutions and devices are supported by the VideoCast app?

A: The VideoCast app supports both iPhone and Android devices. Depending on the device’s capabilities, the app can provide any of these resolutions: VGA, HVGA, QVGA, CIF and QCIF.

Q: With what networks is the VideoCast app compatible?

A: The VideoCast app works on any of these networks: EDGE, 3G, 4G, WLAN and Wi-Fi.

Q: How do I stream live video?

A: Streaming live video can be done easily by tapping the start/stop button on the main page of the app. A counter next to the streaming video shows how much recording time has elapsed. To stop the stream, tap the start/stop button.

Q: Can I notify others when I want to share a stream or uploaded media?

A: Yes. Whenever you stream video, the app will prompt you to specify the SMS, E-mail address or Facebook contacts to notify of your live stream. Those who receive notifications can either see your live stream or view the recorded version of the stream.

Q: How do I access my videos on the portal from my handset?

A: You can access your uploaded or streamed media by going to the VideoCast Web Portal, which you can access from your desktop system or from your mobile device. To access it from your mobile app, select the My Videos page and then select Uploaded.

Q: What is my VideoCast Portal user name and password?

A: When you log into the VideoCast mobile handset app the first time, the VideoCast Web Portal sends an SMS and an E-mail to you containing your VideoCast Portal login information.

Q: Can I import images and video into my VideoCast app and then upload it to the VideoCast Portal?

A: Yes. If you have an iPhone, you can go to the main page and select the Import From Camera Roll option and then select the image or video you want to put in the My Videos part of the app. Then you can select the imported content in My Videos and select the Share option to specify who you want to share the content with and send it to the VideoCast Portal. If you have an Android, you have to go to Video Functions > Select Storage option and specify the location of the content; then you can share the content as you would with the iPhone.